Superfeet Green Premium Insoles for Flat Feet

Those, who are suffering from flat feet problems, often opt for insoles in search of relief from feet and cuff muscle pain. Several insoles are there…
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Those, who are suffering from flat feet problems, often opt for insoles in search of relief from feet and cuff muscle pain. Several insoles are there in the marketplace, but Superfeet Green Premium Insoles have set a different benchmark. The marker claims the product design has not undergone major changes since 1977, and the reason behind that is supreme functional aspect of this product.


Superfeet Green Insoles does not require an introduction, as it is quite a popular product amongst the buyers. It features professional grade orthotic support to the users, preventing feet injuries and muscle strains. It is a prominent relief for those, who are suffering from feet injury, like planter fasciitis. The product comes with several interesting features and those will be discussed in the following section of this review.

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  • Product Design: These insoles are designed with precision and manufacturer boasts of it. The heel cup is designed to provide maximized protection from shocks. On the other hand, rare foot support encourages better feet postures.
  • Firm Stabilization: it comes with a firm foam layer, coupled with stabilizer cap.  It encourages better feet movements, while running or walking.
  • Cushioning: If you have flat feet, you will get significant relief from cuff muscle paining and thigh muscle paining, after using this product. Excellent cushioning of this product keeps the feet comfortable inside shoes.
  • High Arch Support: Superfeet Green has been designed to provide high arch support to the users.
  • Durable Product: Superfeet products stand out in terms of durability from other products. Literally, this product can serve you for lifetime.


  • Superfeet green is suitable for flat feet users, especially for those, who have high arch problems. However, if you have low arch problem, then this product is simply not recommended for you.
  • These insoles fit well in case of boots or sneakers. But, the product is not comfortable to be used in case of sandals or contemporary fashion shoes.
  • Lesser cushioning on heel area can be a little daunting, especially for those, who are suffering from planter fasciitis.


Judging pros and cons of the product, it has to be said that it is one of the best insoles in the market as of today. Superfeet Green is exclusive designed for those, who have high arch problem. Flat feet buyers can definitely go for this product, as it provides good protection to feet by absorbing shocks.

Steve Sanders

Steve Sanders

A fitness trainer who also has flat feet, Steve has tried almost every pair of supportive athletic shoes in his workouts. Not only does he have a unique understanding of the different types of athletic shoes, he is also an orthopedic surgeon. When he is not at the hospital or writing for us, you can usually find him wearing his current favorite pair of supportive running shoes at the local indoor track.
Steve Sanders

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