Sof Sole Fit Series Insole for flat feet Review

If you have flat feet problem, you must be careful, while choosing your shoes. Not all shoes are suitable for the flat feet problems. In fact, only a few shoes are…
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If you have flat feet problem, you must be careful, while choosing your shoes. Not all shoes are suitable for the flat feet problems. In fact, only a few shoes are there, coping with the requirements of the flat feet people. In such cases, you can buy any shoes as per your desire, only if you have high quality insoles to protect your flat feet. Sof Sole Fit Series have brought some of the finest quality insoles for those, who have persistent  .


Sof Sole Fit Series insoles basically come with 3.0 cm arch height and 60 durometer EVA, which is there to deliver the perfect arch height. These insoles keep the flat feet safe and encourage them to stay in right posture inside the shoes or sandals. The product also features torsional stability. It is a contemporary product, suitable for versatile usages. You can put these insoles in your running shoes, while practicing running or jogging. You can keep them in your casual or formal shoes to get the much needed comfort for your feet. The product is exclusively designed for the flat feet people.

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Here are some of the listed benefits of the product:

  • It supports high arch perfectly and also gives support to the knees. If you run for hours, you will not feel any sorts of pain, if these insoles ware placed inside your shoes. It saves you from knee pain, cuff muscle pain, etc.
  • Those, who are suffering from plantar fasciitis, can use this product without giving a second thought. The product helps to heal plantar fasciitis quickly.
  • The heel cup is deeper and due to this the product fits perfectly to different users.
  • It comes with profound technology that saves feet from shocks.


  • The only small drawback of this product is that it is a little hard. If there would have been cushioning, then it would be further better comfortable for the feet.

Review of Sof Sole Fit Series

If you have flat feet problems, then this is the product that will give you much needed relives from flat feet issues. Many doctors even suggest this product to their patients. Using an insole can be a little discomforting initially. But, when this initial discomfort vanishes, you will find that your knees are feeling better whenever you are running, walking or even jogging.

The product can heal high arch problems and planter fasciitis.  Some of the users have claimed that they got positive results against planter fasciitis, even within a week. The insole is manufactured with CK mesh top cover and anatomical nylon plate. It ensures durability and high level of effective.


When it comes to conclusion, it has to be stated that this product has so many benefits in offering. However, it is not expensive. Hence, the product is worthy from all aspects. People, having flat feet issues or high arch problems, can surely go for it.

Jennifer Smithfield

Jennifer Smithfield

She is a busy ER nurse in the Houston Metro area, and in her spare time you can usually find her training for an upcoming marathon. She has been dealing with flat feet her entire life, and is well informed when it comes to finding supportive and comfortable running shoes. Jennifer also has a great sense of style, and is looking forward to writing about fashion and running shoes for flat feet.
Jennifer Smithfield

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