SmartSole Exercise Insoles for Flat Feet

Flat feet are genuine problems for many amongst us. If you have flat feet, you…
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Flat feet are genuine problems for many amongst us. If you have flat feet, you should consider your feet to be vulnerable to damages due to shock. Furthermore, flat feet people suffer feet pain often, due to excessive running or walking or jogging. To overcome this problem, one can consider using SmartSole Exercise Insoles. The product has been manufactured to counter flat feet problems.


The product helps your feet to go through gentle rolling motion, allowing your heel, arch and toe to move in a proper sequence. It comes with a hard heel cap to save heel from shock or thrust. The product has been designed to provide protection against plantar fasciitis. It also helps in treatment of plantar fasciitis by improving as well as correcting the feet movement. SmartSole is a 3/4 length insole, and thus users do not need to trim it before using.


  • Good for flat feet and shin splints
  • Gives comfort to the feet and saves heel from damages
  • Saves feet from paining, even after if you run or walk for long time
  • Being made of plastic and fabric, it gives water resistance to some extent
  • These insoles are compatible with running shoes, casual sandals, and different other kinds of shoes.


  • If these insoles do not fit you properly, they can cause serious muscle pain issues. Finding perfect size is important for these products.
  • Some people have found the product to be uncomfortable inside shoes.

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Review of SmartSole Exercise Insoles

When you will use these insoles for the first time, you will feel a firm circular area under the heel. This area is firm though comfortable. Insole support of this product is truly impressive, as it gets thicker at the heel area so that your back portion of the foot can stay a little elevated.

This product is compatible with various kinds of shoes and sandals. However, make sure that it fits perfectly to your feet inside the shoes. If it does not fit well, it may cause thigh or cuff muscle paining. However, if they fit you perfectly, you will surely feel very comfortable to have them inside your shoes. You can use them for running, exercising, jogging and even casual walking. If you have flat feet disorder, do not hesitate to use this product as it helps your feet to remain in better posture, while you are running or walking.


At the conclusion note, it has to be said that these insoles are very nicely designed to provide support to those, who have flat feet issues. The product can be used for various occasions as well, including, running, exercising, etc. Judging all factors, the product is worthy to be recommended for the flat feet people.

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