“Ultimate Stability” is the tagline of Stabil CS3 running shoes by Saucony. Designed for runners with severe pronation problem, the cushioning system of the midsole has been upgraded to provide the best rides ever. Taking from the Power foam and the Grid technology, PowerGridis created to serve as a cushion to absorb impact, increasing mobility by distributing pressure along the entire foot.

Saucony is synonymous with high performance running shoes, perfect fit and feel. Dedicated to develop and produce goal-specific sports shoes. Saucony spent years in research and studies on the biophysics of some of the famous athletes in track and field and cross-country marathon in order to produce top quality sneakers for flat feet runners.This style weighs a mere 10.2 oz, about 2.2 oz lighter than the older version.

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The Pros:

  • No more foot fatigue, reduced knee and back pain, no need to break in
  • The shoes helps correct bad foot posture, relieving the strain caused by plantar fasciitis
  • The shoes give great support without being overly restrictive
  • The shoe addresses the issue of pronation and gives great arch support

The Cons:

  • The color is hideous. Metallic color is unbelievably ugly
  • The shape is funny, feet look like barges in it
  • The first inch of the arch gets no support, causes blisters
  • This design is better for casual wear not for running

Users with over-pronation problems say Saucony’sStabil CS3 has a wonderful fit, very supportive and has good motion control.


Click Here to See Sizes, Colors, Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews on Amazon.com