Running Shoes Today: Footwear For The Flat Feet

Running is a hobby for a lot of people. It is a great way to cut weight, but it could also be taxing to the body especially on the knees and on the feet. Running shoes had its traction over serious enthusiasts these days. It is imperative that you find the right kind of shoes for your body. In fact, unlike the options that we have during the 1970s, we no longer have to worry about the lack of choices. During the 1970s, it is common to see shoes made of canvas and of EVA foam. This could be a big problem if you are going to look closer to the different anatomic construction of people’s feet.

flat feetPedal anatomy can be quite diverse. There are those who are considered flat footed. For these individuals, it is imperative that there is additional support on their feet. Overpronation for instance is a problem that is rampant for different individuals. Pronation is a part of the gait cycle. It is the inward roll of the foot. If you tend to overpronate, this could injure the knee. But of course, eversion isn’t always a problem among flat footed individuals. There are times when they also have a neutral gait.

Choosing The Right Shoe

Aside form the fact that there are people with flat feet, there are also those with either rigid or floppy feet. Floppy feet may leave a flat foot impression. If you are going to spend some cash on running shoes, you want to make sure that you first have your gait tested.

Do not be surprised if there are times when you need to spend a bit more for those shoes that provide stability, and comfort. You can ask any serious runner if these are worth it investments, and you’d hear the same thing. These are great for those individuals who are looking for activity minus injuries.

If you are going to buy a shoe, do not be surprised also if you will still need to have your very own orthotics. Orthotics is important especially for those with flat feet. There are those products in the market that allow the shoes to function as orthotics as well. How? If you will look at the construction of the shoe, it allows you to place it on an oven. Here, you can heat it and mold it perfectly to your feet.


Aside from using modern science as your basis of choosing the right shoes, you can also get the help of enthusiasts. You can see them make reviews online. Here, you will be able to get exactly what you are looking for.

Shoes tend to give you optimum performance these days. Don’t be surprised though when you have some technologies that are not useful to your anatomy. For instance, you have the minimalist designs that are not suited for those people with flat feet. Investing on the wrong kind of shoe can pose a lot of problems to your body. Not only does it tend to let you work more, it also has the tendency to hurt parts of your body including knees and the foot.

Mark Connor

Mark Connor

As an avid runner, Mark was horrified to discover that after years of pounding the pavement the arches in his feet were falling. Instead of giving up jogging, he has made it his mission to find the best pair of supportive running shoes. Along the way, Mark is also discovering new ways to stay comfortably on his feet all day. We can't wait to read what he has to say about supporting and taking care of falling foot arches.
Mark Connor

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