Best Running Shoes for Kids with Flat Feet

When our kids have flat feet, it can sometimes be tricky to get them the arch support they need because it simply isn’t available. Still, kids run, play, and therefore need shoes that will allow them to keep up with other children on the playground, in school, and in organized sports. Due to an upswing in sports related injuries, many running shoe manufacturers are making shoes specifically for flat feet.

It is so very important to invest in good running shoes for children with flat feet because any damage caused in youth can create problems later in sports careers or life that can hinder progress and lives.

New Balance KJ990 Lace-Up Running Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid),Grey,1 M US Little Kid

These New Balance shoes are designed for younger kids (though there are old kids versions) who have flat feet. They do not require lacing, so parents can be sure that the fit is secure and tight to stop the shoe from flying off. These shoes are a traditional running shoe that has been around for years – at least the style has been.

These shoes have a new dual-density foam collar and a firmer density foam core to support the foot while running. In fact, the midsole also has ENCAP technology that provides the maximum durability and support in a young children’s running shoe. The shoe also has ABZORB cushioning in the heel and forefoot to stop shock and keep the foot feeling comfortable longer. Children with flat feet will also like the trimmed weight that gives them a lighter step.


The Nike Free 5.0 Boys Running Shoe offers a sock like fit that helps keep the shoe snug and tight on the foot. Nike has been making shoes for years that people trust, and now they are working on running shoes for kids with flat feet. The comfort in this shoe comes from all around: the tongue has extra padding to help soothe foot cramps and stop painful rubbing against laces. The sole has low-profile Phylist midsole that gives the runner a barefoot feel while retaining extra durability.

The bottom of the shoe offers quick movement with even more structure, all while being made of quality materials that are long lasting.

These shoes come in a variety of colors to match sports uniforms, favorite teams, or just to reflect the personal style of the boy wearing it.

Reebok Zigkick Wild Running Shoe

Reebok designed the ZIGKICK WILD running shoe for both big kids and little kids with flat feet. Reebok boasts that these are the most stylish and comfortable running shoes for kids with flat feet. They are made of breathable mesh that allows the foot to cool as your child is running. The shoe also has a low cut that helps with the mobility of the whole foot, taking away strain on the arch. The tongue and collar have padding for added ankle support while providing comfort. The inside of the shoe provides pebax propulsion that allows midfoot transitions that won’t put additional strain on already flat feet. It also has zigkick outsole cushions where the foot will impact with the ground, sending shocks away from the foot.

These running shoes for children with flat feet were designed to form a long time partnership that will see the child through many years of comfort while being physical.

Jambu Coachella Hiking Boot

Jambou Coachella Running/Hiking shoes are designed to fit children from toddler to preteen. They shoes are made of durable leather and breathable mesh uppers that provide that cooling breeze so that the shoes and feet do not sweat. They also have a padded tongue and collar for comfort that provides the maximum support of the ankle – something needed for children who have flat feet and over pronate.

The inside of the shoe has built in stabilizers that keep children on their feet longer and absorb the shock from foot strikes on the ground. These shoes also offer all terra traction, which means they can be used for running on concrete, tracks, grass, rocks, and dirt paths.

PUMA Tazon 5 NM JR Training Shoe

The PUMA Tazon 5NM Jr. Training Shoe replicates the same technology for flat feet found in shoes for adults. Once again, these running shoes for fallen arches have an EVA midsole that provides extra cushioning for children of all ages. The tongue and collar are plush for all day support and stability of the ankle, perfect for those little ones just learning how to run for fitness. The shoes boast breathability and durable materials that will last for a long time.

The outside of the shoe has rubber tread that provides grip and traction for all of the little movement a young runner will make. The shoes themselves are unisex, but come in many colors to make them personalized – there are even some to match mom’s and dad’s running shoes.

Jennifer Smithfield

Jennifer Smithfield

She is a busy ER nurse in the Houston Metro area, and in her spare time you can usually find her training for an upcoming marathon. She has been dealing with flat feet her entire life, and is well informed when it comes to finding supportive and comfortable running shoes. Jennifer also has a great sense of style, and is looking forward to writing about fashion and running shoes for flat feet.
Jennifer Smithfield

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