New Balance Men’s M940V2 Flat Feet Running Shoe Review

If you have flat feet, selecting shoes should be a crucial decision for you. Several running shoes are there in the marketplace, though only a few suits those, who have flat…
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If you have flat feet, selecting shoes should be a crucial decision for you. Several running shoes are there in the marketplace, though only a few suits those, who have flat feet. New Balance is one of the reputed shoe manufacturers throughout the world. The best thing is that this manufacturer offers some exclusive ranges of running shoes that are perfectly suitable for the flat feet people. New Balance Men’s M940V2 is such a product. In the following section, we shall have a look on various features of this product.


Men’s M940V2 shoes from New Balance look quite contemporary. The design of the shoe is good, and the overall built quality of this product will surely impress you. The sole, which is often considered as the soul of shoes, has been designed with a lot of precision so that is remains long lasting and non-slippery. Cushioning has also been done with perfection so that the product suits those, who have flat feet problems.

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Buying this product is advantageous from various aspects. Here are some of the notable advantages of this product:

  • Stable Sole – The sole of this shoe delivers ultimate stability to the feet. It is outfitted with Stabilicore technology, which works as a support system for the feet. Strike the road hard, and your feet will face very little thrust. This is why this product is perfect for the flat feet people.
  • Meticulous cushioning – Most of the buyers of this product have appreciated its cushioning. N2 low-to-the-ground cushioning technology of New Balance is durable, responsive and sustainable cushioning. It provides optimal comfort to the feet and also saves feet from damages due to shock.
  • Assembled in USA – New Balance is a USA based company, though not all products of this company have been assembled in the USA. Eventually, M940V2 Running Shoe is assembled in USA, by skilled workers. Due to its meticulous assembling, the product serves the buyers’ for long time.
  • Durable Product – The product has been manufactured with durable quality materials. Moreover, meticulous assembling gives the product long sustaining ability.
  • Light WeightedRunning shoes would not be recommended to be used, unless they are light weighted. This product is light weighted and thus running in these shoes is always a fun as well as comfortable experience.



  • Look and design of this product is good, but not unique. There is nothing new or special about the design of these running shoes.
  • The shoes are comfortable, especially for flat feet people. But the problem is that some contemporary shoes offer running assistance to the users, but no such things have been offered by this product.


At conclusion, it has to be said that M940V2 shoes for Men from New Balance is worthy to be tried, if you are seeking shoes that are highly comfortable and durable. If you have flat feet problems, this is a product that will definitely suit you, as its sole as well as cushioning has been engineered by keeping flat feet problems in mind.

Steve Sanders

Steve Sanders

A fitness trainer who also has flat feet, Steve has tried almost every pair of supportive athletic shoes in his workouts. Not only does he have a unique understanding of the different types of athletic shoes, he is also an orthopedic surgeon. When he is not at the hospital or writing for us, you can usually find him wearing his current favorite pair of supportive running shoes at the local indoor track.
Steve Sanders

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