Minimize Struggles When Running on Flat Feet Running Shoes

Running is a great hobby, and is in fact, passion for a lot of people. Long distance running tells us about proper breathing, endurance not to mention our ability to persevere. If you are going to stick with running, it is a good idea that you have the right kind of shoes. When you have flat feet, there are consequences that you need to look into if you choose to run, especially long distance.

Flat feet are known to not have enough ability to spring back and distribute the weight as you run. Based on studies, your foot has to suffer up to 8 times the damage when running in contrast to walking. Now, could you imagine if you do run without the proper flat feet shoes?

Emergence of minimalist running

minimalist runningMinimalist running has become popular over the years. Is minimalist running really a good practice even for those with flat feet? For those who are not familiar with this, the whole point of minimalist walking is that, you run on your midfoot or on the ball of your feet. This minimizes the contact between the foot and the ground and alleviates impact. Is this a good practice? For a lot of people with normal feet, this is a good practice. What you should know about minimalist running is that, there is still no solid evidence to prove whether or not this is a good thing.

There are elite athletes who are practicing barefoot running. In fact, some are even Olympians. However, there is a recent study that shows damage to the shin and to surrounding areas once you do minimalist running.

For those who still believe in minimalist running, Vibram, one of the top brands known for minimalist running had to refund their customers. False advertisement is mainly the reason why they did this. For those with flat feet, the more that you should use the flat feet running shoes.

Flat Feet Running Shoes and Its Importance

Flat feet running shoes are different than another shoe that you will see in the market. During the 1970s, you have generic shoes that only made use of EVA foam and canvas for every foot out there. This is a wrong practice and has been proven by the emergence of advanced shoe designs. For instance, you have shoes that allow your foot to be snug, while it takes the form of your feet.

Reebok took this step in order to cater to people who are in need of orthotics. For this particular shoe, all that you need to do is to warm it inside the oven. Once it is warm, you could place your foot and it will take its shape.

If you want to run with your flat feet, you may want to check the different types of shoes in the market. Though it is a bit expensive compared to other shoes out there, this is a worth it investment that you can go for. It can help you prevent injuries, not to mention give you an easier time running.

linda wilson

linda wilson

I have worked as a personal trainer since 2000. I have worked with clients of different ages and levels of fitness, including elderly and high-risk populations. The part of my job that I find most rewarding is seeing my clients not only improve their fitness, but also gain self confidence as their bodies change. I believe that all health and fitness is rooted in proper foundation of core strength and muscular flexibility.
linda wilson

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