How To Make The Smart Pick For Your Flat Feet Running Shoes

If you have flat feet, most likely, you are having trouble finding the right kind of shoe. Lucky for you, you are living in the modern day. This means that you can easily find the right kind of shoe for your needs if you know how to look online. If you will compare your options few decades ago, now is the best time to explore your flat feet running shoe options. Here are some things that you can do in order to find the right kind of flat feet shoes.

Support and Cushion

support and cushion running shoes

If you are going to look your feet, you will notice that if you have flat arch, most likely, you are going damage your foot and surrounding structures more as you run with normal shoes. Because of this reason, you need to find a way to have the right kind of shoe with proper support and cushion. It is important for your flat feet running shoe of choice to have durable foam. This should be focused along the midsole which would provide constant support whenever you are running.


Next thing that you should always consider when purchasing a shoe is the comfort level. Are you somewhat comfortable by the shoes that you are using? If you are going to run a marathon, it matters most that you are always comfortable with your shoes. If not, this could bother you both physically and psychologically affecting your performance and even your gait that could lead to injury.

Special features

What are the special features that you will see in the shoe? Since the running shoe industry is facing tight competition from different brands, there are different things that are offered by brands. For instance, you have Mizuno that has been known for creating shoes that decrease your abrupt deceleration making your run smooth. There are also the Reebok shoes that could mold to your feet once you place it inside an oven.

What type of stride do you have?

It is a common scenario that those with flat feet tend to overpronate. This tendency might be common, but you have to realize that there are some individuals who still have a neutral stride. If you have shoes for overpronation, despite having a stride that is neutral, it is a common scenario that you end up with blisters.

Should you find yourself in any way confused regarding the different brands and kinds of flat feet running shoes, you have to make sure that you check the reviews available online. Having a benchmark of what you want to have is a good way of choosing the right kind of shoe. There are many shoes in the market today, thus you have more options. However, you may want to do your best to narrow down your options. For those who have the chance to go to a store to purchase their running shoe, it is a good idea to be tested on how you run. This way, they can guide you to what kind of shoes you can use.

Mark Connor

Mark Connor

As an avid runner, Mark was horrified to discover that after years of pounding the pavement the arches in his feet were falling. Instead of giving up jogging, he has made it his mission to find the best pair of supportive running shoes. Along the way, Mark is also discovering new ways to stay comfortably on his feet all day. We can't wait to read what he has to say about supporting and taking care of falling foot arches.
Mark Connor

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