Footminders Comfort Orthotic Arch Support Insoles for Sport Shoes and Work Boots Review

If you have flat feet problems or orthotic arch issues or plantar fasciitis injury, then you need extra protection for your feet more than what the normal shoes provide. Well, several shoe makers are there, which offer exclusive ranges of shoes, only for flat feet people. But, those are not just enough to provide you enough protection. To prevent your feet from injuries, choose quality insoles.

Comfort Orthotic Arch Support Insoles by Footminders are not newcomers in the marketplace. These insoles are there for quite a time, and thus we have decided to review this product for the benefits of our readers.


  • If you have low arch or if you are vulnerable to plantar fasciitis, this product will give your optimum comfort.
  • The insoles absorb shock meticulous and put zero pain on the feet.
  • Cushioning is good and you can remain comfortable for long time, wearing these insoles.
  • For sportspersons, this product is suitable.
  • The best part about the product is its low price.


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Review on Footminders Comfort Orthotic Arch Support Insoles

The product is manufactured and branded as insole that supports low arch or flat feet people. If you are vulnerable to feet injuries, like plantar fasciitis, you should try this product for protecting of your feet. It has a nice cushioning for shock absorption. It can rest inside running shoes and boots meticulously.

You would hardly feel any discomfort with this insole, provided if you have chosen the right size. The insole will let you to run for hours, more than usual, without facing any feet soreness and muscle fatigue. The reason behind this is the double layer shock absorber technology of this product.

The product is available at a very modest price in the marketplace. You can have this product for you daily usages. Though, extensive use may rip it off, as durability of this product is questionable.


Judging all aspects, it can be concluded that the product is good for its price. With such a low price, you would hardly find such a good quality insole. Hence, the product is recommended.

Steve Sanders

Steve Sanders

A fitness trainer who also has flat feet, Steve has tried almost every pair of supportive athletic shoes in his workouts. Not only does he have a unique understanding of the different types of athletic shoes, he is also an orthopedic surgeon. When he is not at the hospital or writing for us, you can usually find him wearing his current favorite pair of supportive running shoes at the local indoor track.
Steve Sanders

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