Crucial Things You Need To Know When Purchasing Flat Feet Shoes

RunningShoesForFlatFeet_600Are you looking for a running shoe? If yes, then perhaps, it is a good idea that you check the anatomy of your feet. What you need to realize is that not all feet. Flat foot is a common problem among runners. In fact, it is a problem that those with flat feet have been known to be discharged from military service.

For someone who has flat feet, it is a problem to be purchasing a cheap orthodox shoe. What are the common problems that you will experience when you make use of an orthodox shoe?

Common Problems Related To Flat Feet

It is common to see foot pain. Since there’s no arch, and basically the whole foot touches the ground, this could cause pain in the area. It is also common that people who are flat footed are having problems tip toeing.  The worse problem is that you may encounter knee problems in the future. Since the knee has a tendency to rotate inward, this could be a problem when your alignment is off.

Basic Things To Check For Flat Feet Shoes

So what are the things that you need to look into if you are going to purchase a shoe for flat feet? Here are some tips that could give you and idea.

Stable Support

If you have a low arch, it is a good idea that you stick with a shoe that can provide stability. In fact, shoes that are meant for flat feet would typically be labeled “stability”. Does it have an adiprene that could provide special cushion as you run?


Running shoes should be lightweight. If you are going to run a half marathon or a full marathon, it is always important that you don’t stress too much.


For most runners, they prefer to have maximized movements. Despite having shoes for your flat feet, this shouldn’t hinder your need for a flexible shoe. In fact, there are those flat shoes even for the crossfit enthusiasts.


Having a lightweight and stable shoe, shouldn’t mean that you are going to spend a great amount of money. In fact, you can already have a shoe for less than $100 if it is on sale.

Neutral stride or an Overpronator?

Neutral stride or an OverpronatorIn order to find the right shoe, you want to make sure that you get the right kind of shoe, not only do you need to check your foot’s shape, you also need to ensure the kind of runner that you are. Are you overpronating? Overpronation is when you roll your foot inward way too much. Maybe, you have a more natural stride?

You may have to go to a store that has every equipment that can assess your running tendencies. This way, not only do you get a shoe built to support the flat foot, you also have a shoe that can support your natural movements. This way, you stay away from injuries. If you can’t find a store that has this kind of equipment, you can always videotape your movement while on a threadmill.

Mark Connor

Mark Connor

As an avid runner, Mark was horrified to discover that after years of pounding the pavement the arches in his feet were falling. Instead of giving up jogging, he has made it his mission to find the best pair of supportive running shoes. Along the way, Mark is also discovering new ways to stay comfortably on his feet all day. We can't wait to read what he has to say about supporting and taking care of falling foot arches.
Mark Connor

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