Consequences of Buying the Wrong Shoe

Consequences of Buying the Wrong ShoeYou started running, and the first thing that you want to know is the kind of shoe that you are going to wear. If you are going to wear some running shoes, it is imperative that you find the right one. Overpronation and flat feet are some of the most common jargons that you will hear from the running world. You will hear it from runners themselves, or read it online or from magazines. What most people think is that it is not that of a serious problem that you will encounter. In reality, it is.

If you are going to run, and you have the wrong kind of shoes, it is possible to put your body towards unnecessary stress. Flattened foot arches plus the wrong kind of shoes will most likely injure not only your foot but also possibly your knees. Plantar fasciitis is a common problem that you will be encountering when you have the wrong kind of shoe. This could also cause tension and strain on the tibial muscles and even the tendons. Based on research, tibial injuries such as shin splints account to up to 15% of the expected runner injuries. What you can expect from the shoes specially made for overpronators and for individuals with flat feet is the ability of the footwear to adapt according to your condition. It also provides support making it possible for the muscles to not get damaged.

It this shoe enough?

If you are going to have a shoe, always make sure that you check with a doctor, especially if you have this kind of condition. This can prevent a number of problems. There are instances when you not only need to have the right kind of running shoes, but to also purchase orthotics as well. This provides additional support and could guarantee that you don’t need to feel the pain.

Consequences for not having the right shoe

So what are the consequences of not having the right kind of shoe? First, it is possible that you will get injured. Overpronators tend to injure not only the foot but even the knee since they walk and run in a different way. The foot rolls more than it should.

You will also notice that you will not be able to push yourself to the limits. If you have to nurse injuries, could you imagine what it can do to your performance? With the proper shoe, you can maximize what your body can do. On the other hand, without these shoes, you can only do so much.

Feet of individuals are constructed differently. Genes have a different kind of take when it comes to how you are going to have your foot anatomy. Though you do not have a say to this, you can still be doing activities such as running. It is even possible that you become an elite athlete when you have the right kind of shoes. To give you an idea about how you run, always visit a store that can test your gait and running.

linda wilson

linda wilson

I have worked as a personal trainer since 2000. I have worked with clients of different ages and levels of fitness, including elderly and high-risk populations. The part of my job that I find most rewarding is seeing my clients not only improve their fitness, but also gain self confidence as their bodies change. I believe that all health and fitness is rooted in proper foundation of core strength and muscular flexibility.
linda wilson

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