Best Shoes for Children with Flat Feet

Children with flat feet often have trouble keeping up with their peers in day-to-day activities because of the pain they can feel from fallen arches. Having shoes that lift and support the foot of your children through all kinds of activities is important because not having the proper shoes can hinder the growth of limbs and muscles throughout the developmental years. Still, sometimes comfortable shoes for children with flat feet do not match the shoes their peers are wearing, and can create some sticky situations for both parents and children.

Below are some of the best shoes for children with flat feet and/or fallen arches:

Stride Rite Claire Flat

These shoes are perfect because they mimic the always popular and stylish Mary Jane shoe while providing the comfort and support that a child with flat feet needs in a shoe.  Stride Rite is a trusted brand that uses quality leather so that shoe stands the test of time, and that important because these shoes will be worn with every outfit. The top of the shoe is a hook-and-loop closure that allows for custom fit throughout the top, important to prevent the already weakened midsole from overturning.

Its lightweight, flexible outsole provides long lasting support and traction, while the rubber tread absorbs shock and prevents foot pain. Perfect for all occasions, the Stride Rite Claire is sure to become your and her go-to shoe.

Keen Coronado Print Sneaker

The Keen Coronado Print Sneaker is the perfect shoe for children with fallen arches who love to be creative and show off their own personal style. With four different whimsical prints, these shoes are sure to be a hit with everyone, and rival their normal-footed friends. The shoe is made for walking and has an arch support built right in – kids can walk, run, and play for hours without feeling any pain. Completely sustainable, these shoes will minimize their environmental footprint while making each step steady and comfortable.

Tsukihoshi CHILD12 Marina Sneaker

The Tshukihoshi CHILD12 Marina Sneaker is a colorful way for children with flat feet and fallen arches to get the comfort and color the need in their lives. With lightweight material that comes in every color imaginable, feet will be cool and dry throughout any conditions – and better yet, they are machine washable! The support system is fantastic with built in arch support that won’t fall or collapse after extended wear and has built in steel stabilizers to stop pronation and overturned ankles.

The best part about these shoes for those with flat feet is that they tie and Velcro on, therefore there is no chance of falling off of the foot and causing even more damage.

Timberland Peaks Island Flat

Timberland is a trusted name in work boots for men with flat feet, and they make the perfect dockside flat for young men with fallen arches as well. The shoe has a 360-degree rawhide lacing system that offers a custom fit in every shoe – no more overturned ankles or achy arches because of a too loose shoe. Inside, the shoe has a leather footbed with foam inserts built in for superior comfort. The tread provides stabilization and a non-slip grip that is perfect for boatside days.

With seven colors, there are no lack of options to personalize this docksider look while staying comfortable.

Stride Rite SRT Woody Shoe (Toddler)

There has already been a Stride Rite shoe for girls, now for the boys. The Stride Rite SRT Woody is a sneaker than can be dressed up or dressed down appropriately that has great technology to tell if the shoe is helping his flat feet. The shoe itself is leather and rubber, which provides support from shock and limits movements to only those that the foot should make. Inside the shoe, Sensory Response Technology helps stabilize and support the foot to help developing bones and muscles – something very important in shoes for flat feet. The shoe even has Removable Check Fit that will show when the show is too small or needs to be replaced so that the feet do not start moving.

These shoes offer the best of all worlds for boys with flat feet – support, sturdiness, and the ability to get down and dirty.

Jennifer Smithfield

Jennifer Smithfield

She is a busy ER nurse in the Houston Metro area, and in her spare time you can usually find her training for an upcoming marathon. She has been dealing with flat feet her entire life, and is well informed when it comes to finding supportive and comfortable running shoes. Jennifer also has a great sense of style, and is looking forward to writing about fashion and running shoes for flat feet.
Jennifer Smithfield

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