You’ve got flat feet. You’re a very active person. You love to run, but all those trendy shoes in various styles and colors just give your feet the aches and pains. You just want to get the best running shoes for flat feet and head out the door. But with too many choices available in the market today, which one should you buy?

We understand your situation so we came up with this resource that features the best running shoes for flat feet. Yes, no need to make further searches because we have everything you need to get the perfect shoe that your feet will surely love.

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Why Buy Different Running Shoes for Flat Feet?

Best Running Shoes for Flat FeetCan’t a flat-footed person like you just buy any pair of running shoes? Yes, you can, but standard types of shoes may seriously impede your movement and cause you pain and discomfort.

 Why? It’s because the right running shoes for flat feet provides the following benefits:

  • Stability. The best running shoes for flat feet have padded insoles to help a person achieve a steady gait and prevent the toes from curling inward.
  • Support. Flat foot running shoes provide traction during movement and support the tissues and ligaments on the lower limbs which are vulnerable to tear and mobility, thus improving running performance and preventing hazards.
  • Motion control. These shoes are designed to hold your feet firmly in place and prevents foot-related accidents from happening.

What to Look for in Running Shoes for Flat Feet?

With the demand for specialized flat feet shoes increasing in the past decade, the need for high quality track shoes has taken a pivotal role in the shoe making industry. This high demand has lead most major shoe brands to offer these three important shoe features to help flat footed runners achieve optimum performance on the track.

Shoes with a firm middle arch cushion provide a stable balance to help prevent stumbling while running. Raised arch pads help to hold the foot firmly in place to help prevent painful ankle twists while sprinting or running. The third feature offered in most running shoes for flat feet, is the additional cushioning in the heel and forefront. This helps with shock absorption and can prevent painful shin splints.

Recommended Flat Feet Shoes for Men

Mizuno Men’s Wave Alchemy 12

Wave Alchemy 12 by Mizuno talks about uncompromising stability. Dual plastic plates protect the foot by absorbing impact and preventing its inward roll.

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ASICS Men’s GEL-Evolution 6 Running Shoe

For runners who demand the best from their gear, Evolution 6 is the shoes for you. This highly innovative running shoe is designed for a more comfortable fit to compliment your running needs.

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Saucony Men’s Hurricane 15 Running shoe

Blending traditional stability feature with a flexible lightweight kicks, the Hurricane 15 is a winner. The upper is improved and the heel provides a stable and secure fit.

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It doesn’t matter to the people who love to run whether their fallen arches are congenital or acquired over the years, they simply want to enjoy the sport that they love. Runners with flat feet twenty years ago often found it difficult to keep up with the speed and agility their competitors had with a normal stride. With recent advances in technology, shoe manufacturers have developed the science of ergonomics which is aimed at making the best sneaker for flat feet for both male runners and women sprinters.

Tips in Choosing the Best Running Shoes for Women with Flat Feet

Female track and field athletes have different requirements for their track shoes than their male counterparts. A woman’s heel is generally narrower than a man’s, and shoe also has a wider toe area. This can cause a woman’s arches to be more delicate with a deeper curvature, which can lead to intense foot pain if it is not properly supported. Female runners with flat feet need to look for running shoes that can provide support and stability, along with helping to control the natural placement of their foot.

Saucony Women’s Stabil CS3 Running Shoe

“Ultimate Stability” is the tagline of Stabil CS3 running shoes by Saucony. The cushioning system of the midsole has been upgraded to provide the best rides ever.

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Mizuno Women’s Wave Musha 5 Running Shoe

The latest Mizuno Women’s Wave 5 comes out with a slight change in the upper feature and stripped of its overlays while maintaining its previous midsole.

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Brooks Women’s Dyad 7 Running Shoes      

Brooks Dyad 7 has exceptional cushioning feature in the midsole using the DNA technology. The foot bedis broader and wider for stability, best for runners with flat feet or wide feet.

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How to Choose the Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

So how do you choose the best running shoes for your type of feet? Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Consult a podiatrist. Being a foot doctor, a podiatrist can diagnose the severity of your condition and may recommend the best sneakers for flat feet.
  • Read product reviews. Product reviews are written by actual consumers who have used flat foot running shoes. But don’t settle for reviews that sing praises about the products. Go for honest reviews that include user ratings and pros and cons.
  • Compare products. Look for websites that have comparison tables to make selection easier.
  • Ask around. Do you know of people who have the same condition as you? Ask them the brands of their sneakers for flat feet then look them up in the internet.


Having Flat feet is no longer a hindrance in pursuing a healthy, balanced life.  The availability of dynamic and need-specific footwear makes mobility easy and comfortable. You just have to be smart in choosing the best running shoes for flat feet. Balance the pros and cons and make your choice based on practicality and affordability but don’t sacrifice your postural condition for cheap, inappropriate gear.