Running Shoes for Flat Feet Under $100: Run on the Cheap!

We all know that running shoes can be incredibly expensive. When you have flat feet or low arches, it can be even more expensive to find the proper footwear. Add in that you may need to buy extra insoles, and it quickly ends up out of most peoples’ budgets.

However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get shoes that fit properly. There are several brands out there that are under $100 – you just have to know where to look! While they may not be as new and trendy, they will fit properly and allow you to run without pain or soreness. If you have flat feet, this can be the difference between sticking to a running program or giving up in defeat.

Today, we’re going to look at a few options for inexpensive running shoes. Hopefully you can find ones that work for you and your budget!

The Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet Under $100! Comparison Table

ShoesImagesSizes Available
(U.S. Women’s)
Wide Width Available?Color OptionsType of Runner
Saucony Cohesion 105 - 12Yes8 CombosNeutral
Asics Gel Venture 55 - 12Yes11 CombosNeutral
Under Armour Assert 65 - 12No12 CombosNot Sure
Adidas Kanadia 7 TR6 - 12No8 CombosOver Pronation
Merrell Pace Glove 3 TR5 - 11No4 CombosBarefoot

Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoe

Saucony makes some amazing running shoes – but they can sometimes cost well over $150. Their Cohesion series of shoes are a bit more affordable, and are made with the same quality and care as their more expensive shoes.

While these are advertised as a neutral shoe, I find many people with low arches really like how they fit and support the arch. They also come in a variety of sizes, so if you need a wide width shoe, these are a great inexpensive option!


  • Great for running/hiking/walking
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Good for cross training


  • Neutral support; may need insoles
  • Some say they fit tighter than older versions

ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 5 Running Shoe

Asics is another great brand for running shoes, and they make a lot of options for those with low arches or over pronation. The Gel Venture 5 is an older model, but still a great running shoe for the price. They have a removable sock liner that allows you to easily add an insert if you need it, and they have a lot of cushy gel to support and absorb shock.

If you’re a fan of Asics, definitely give these a try for almost half the price of their newer models!


  • Great for running/walking
  • Replaceable insole
  • Work on pavement & trails


  • Fit small/tight on most
  • Gel padding wears out quickly
  • Heavier shoe for running

Under Armour Women’s Micro G Assert 6 Running Shoes

I’ll have to admit I didn’t really think much of Under Armour making shoes at first. However, they have convinced me that they can make a quality shoe for under $100. These have tons of padding to absorb shock, preventing issues like plantar fasciitis and shin splints.

While they don’t say much about their arch support, it appears they have so much padding in them that it might not matter. At under $70, you could easily grab an insole to add support for a few bucks!


  • Rubber traction for high impact
  • Lots of toe room
  • Lots of cushioning


  • Can be expensive
  • Run small
  • Fit too snug for some

Adidas Performance Women’s Kanadia 7 TR W Trail Running Shoe

Another older model shoe, the Adidas Kanadia 7 trail running shoe is my all-time favorite outdoor running shoe. I’ve had a pair for the past 2 years that are still going strong, and with the addition of a new insole are still great! Adidas is well known for making running shoes that work well with over pronation, and these are no exception!

They provide ample arch support for flat feet, and the soles are sturdy enough for rough terrain while hiking or trail running. I also like that they are easy to wash, fit well around my arches, and are built to last. Unlike many trail running shoes, these aren’t great to wear on pavement. They are really slick on wet pavement or smooth surfaces. However, I only wear them for hiking anyway, so it’s all good!


  • Durable hard rubber sole
  • Excellent arch support
  • Easy to care for/clean


  • Fit narrow on most feet
  • Laces stretch out easily
  • Slippery on pavement

Merrell Women’s Pace Glove 3 Trail Running Shoe

One option we haven’t talked about much here is the “barefoot” style running shoe. If you have low arches, these might work for you. Instead of relying on rigid arch support or insoles, these shoes allow your feet to move and flex naturally. While I don’t think I’d recommend them for long runs, I think they’re great for shorter runs or trail running. They have enough traction to handle trails, but flexible enough to let your feet do the work.


  • Lightweight
  • Sweat wicking/odor reducing inserts
  • Vegan friendly


  • No support for arches
  • May run small/narrow for some

Tips For Finding Cheap Running Shoes

Do your research on size/fit

Not all shoes fit alike, especially when you start looking at inexpensive shoes. Even if you are used to a certain brand’s sizing, cheaper options may not fit the same. Look at reviews online, measurements, or purchase a couple sizes to try them on first. Many cheaper running shoes tend to run small, so consider sizing up a half size or more!

Pay attention to materials used

If you want a shoe that’s going to last, you should pay close attention to the materials being used. Go for sturdier rubber soles, rather than cushy gel or foam ones (just like when looking for insoles). For the shoe itself, look for synthetic materials that are easy to clean and won’t stretch or wear out over time like cheap leather.

Consider looking for older versions

One advantage to shopping for shoes online is that you can always find old styles available at a fraction of the cost! The Adidas trail runners I talked about, for example, are over 3 years old. When they first came out, they cost well over $100 – but I found mine for around $40!

If you have a brand you really like to wear, consider looking for last year’s model instead of the newest trendy shoe. Odds are, you’ll be able to get them on the cheap!


Finding a running shoe shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg! There are several brands out there that make inexpensive running shoes for flat feet, and many are well under $100. You can find a pair that suits your budget, and if need be, even grab a cheap insole for added support. There is no reason you can’t run on a budget!

Mark Connor

Mark Connor

As an avid runner, Mark was horrified to discover that after years of pounding the pavement the arches in his feet were falling. Instead of giving up jogging, he has made it his mission to find the best pair of supportive running shoes. Along the way, Mark is also discovering new ways to stay comfortably on his feet all day. We can't wait to read what he has to say about supporting and taking care of falling foot arches.
Mark Connor

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