ASICS Women’s GEL-Lyte33 2 Running Shoe for Plantar Fasciitis

Buying running shoes is not all about selecting a chic pair of shoes. Along with look and design, you need a shoe, which can provide high arch support with perfection.…
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Buying running shoes is not all about selecting a chic pair of shoes. Along with look and design, you need a shoe, which can provide high arch support with perfection. ASICS is a reputed shoe manufacturer, having several products to display especially for those, who have high arch problems and also flat feet issues.


GEL-Lyte33 2 running shoes for women is one of the frontline products from ASICS. The shoe is design to provide high end comfort to the feet. The shoe is ideal for flat feet people. Nevertheless, it also gives excellent support for those, who are vulnerable to plantar fasciitis.


  • Light Weighted: It almost feel like running in bare feet.
  • Meticulous Cushioning: Thick cushioning to absorb shocks and to provide comfort to the feet.
  • Color Options: The product comes in impressive color options, such as grapes – apple – pink, raspberry – lime – white, etc.
  • Durable rubber sole: The rubber sole ensure durability. It is also non-slippery.


  • These are mainly general running shoes, with special heel cushioning. Due to heel cushion, some may consider this product suitable for those, who have high arch feet problems. Well, it gives good high arch support, but it has not been exclusively designed to provide high arch support. For better high arch support you may need to buy insoles additionally.
  • If the shoes have been used extensively, they may not last as long as expected.
  • ASICS Women's GEL-Lyte33 2 Running Shoe1

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Review on GEL-Lyte33 2 for Women

GEL-Lyte33 2 has been designed by one of the premium shoe manufacturers, namely ASICS. Products from this manufacturer are considered to be reliable in terms of quality as well as durability.

Being outfitted with FAST technology, these running shoes help enhancing running speed. Running or jogging gets very comfortable due to light weight of this product. Furthermore, GEL cushioning provides excellent support to the feet. If you have flat feet problems, then trust on GEL cushioning, as it feature superior shock absorption.

In terms of design, the shoes look quite fashion and color combinations make them more adorable. Strong rubber sole does not only look good, but also provides optimal durability. While on the other hand, the rubber soles are non slippery, providing full protection to the users.


To sum it up, we recommend this product to the buyers for its exclusive built quality and comfort. For flat feet people, this is definitely a good choice, as it offers excellent shock protective cushioning.

Steve Sanders

Steve Sanders

A fitness trainer who also has flat feet, Steve has tried almost every pair of supportive athletic shoes in his workouts. Not only does he have a unique understanding of the different types of athletic shoes, he is also an orthopedic surgeon. When he is not at the hospital or writing for us, you can usually find him wearing his current favorite pair of supportive running shoes at the local indoor track.
Steve Sanders

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