Is ASICS Men’s Gel-Super J33 Running Shoe for Flat Feet?

High intensity workouts and even running a couple of miles can cause excruciating pain if you have flat feet. Shin splints and other injuries can also develop, and a lower arch in your foot can make it difficult to keep up with the sports that you love. With these gel running shoes from ASICS you can run for miles and continue to enjoy a pain free active lifestyle even with flat feet.

Positive Features

  • The gel cushioning absorbs painful impact shock.
  • You have the advantage of the lightweight and supportive construction.
  • These flat feet running shoes are stylish and comfortable.
  • The supportive fit helps to correct over pronation. 


  • The shoes are manufactured outside of the U.S.
  • There is a toe to heel differential that might not be comfortable for all athletes.
  • Some consumers have mentioned that the material can rip, but this is not a common complaint or issue.
  • ASICS Men's GEL-Super J33 Running Shoe-1

Detailed Review of ASICS Men’s J33 Running Shoes

Like all of the athletic footwear manufactured by ASICS, these gel cushioned men’s running shoes are designed to support low or no arches. You have the advantage of the superior fit, and the responsive midsole. The flex grooves help to correct the placement of your foot, and you’ll love having traction on all types of surfaces.

With a lower toe to heel differential you have the comfort and support you need for running, and these athletic shoes are also designed for high intensity workouts.

The durable construction will last through all of your workouts, and the fun design is stylish and eye catching. Lightweight and responsive to the movement of your feet, these men’s running shoes will have you back to enjoying the activities that you love.


The ASICS men’s gel J33 running shoes are designed for athletes with flat feet. The supportive and lightweight construction helps to prevent injuries, along with correcting the placement of your foot. You have the advantage of the rubber outsole that will give you traction on all types of terrain, and the stylish design ensures you will be noticed. With its affordable price, it is easy to see why these are considered one of the best pairs of men’s running shoes for flat feet.

Steve Sanders

Steve Sanders

A fitness trainer who also has flat feet, Steve has tried almost every pair of supportive athletic shoes in his workouts. Not only does he have a unique understanding of the different types of athletic shoes, he is also an orthopedic surgeon. When he is not at the hospital or writing for us, you can usually find him wearing his current favorite pair of supportive running shoes at the local indoor track.
Steve Sanders

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